When success program "Brille", Harald Eia in the lead, was changing TV channel NRK to TV Norge, the production company Funkenhauser (now Feelgood)  asked Brandlab to give the program a new visual identity. The challenge was to keep the old fans from NRK and simultaneously appeal to new and younger audiences on TV Norge. A challenge was that everything had to be produced in record time, within a few short summer months, to be ready for initial sales of the TVNorges autumn season, where "Brille" was one of the flagships.

In Brandlab we were concerned that the development of the visual elements had to be seen in a strategic context. It was not just talking about a production job, but a brand change. The program, which brand should appear in a new identity, but stand for the same values. It had to be reflected in the visual solutions.

Funkenhauser got a visual identity for "Brille" which makes a clear shift from "government channel" to a commercial TV company. At the same time reflect the topics covered in the programs and "Brilles" basic idea : How we by changing perspective can reason our way to the answers. At the request of Funkenhauser, we created a vignette showing imaginative ways to solve everyday tasks, inspired by the American newspaper cartoonist Rube Goldberg's famous machines.
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